At Adventum Global, we have four core functions

Research, Strategy & Asset Management

These professionals make the case for real estate, select target markets for growth opportunities and evaluate the dynamics of local markets to provide insights for our investment teams. These professionals manage the assets in our clients’ portfolios and drive investment performance by successfully managing risk. They also oversee property leasing, operations and asset sales, thereby helping to realize target returns.

Acquisitions & Client Capital Group

This group builds and fosters relationships with our clients, while identifying new areas for investing and raising capital for our public and private equity offerings. Our deal teams identify new properties that meet our clients’ investment objectives, participate in property evaluations, underwriting and see these deals through to closing.

Work with the brightest minds in the Global Finance and Real Estate domain

Accounting, Finance & Investor Reporting

These dedicated teams prepare and communicate operating and financial results internally and externally to our clients.


Diverse in scope, our experts in law, compliance, human resources, IT, corporate accounting, marketing, finance, risk management and tax all contribute to Adventum Global's success.

Explore tremendous opportunities for personal and professional growth