Our Charter

Our Charter defines the spirit of our firm. It guides our conduct, style and decisions. It mirrors who we are and what we stand for.

Our Charter defines the spirit of our firm. It guides our conduct, style and decisions. It mirrors who we are and what we stand for.

Our Vision

We aspire to be honored and revered leader in our field by shaping the industry with thought leadership and innovation.

Being a distinguished investment management corporation
Private markets with a global reach are at the core of our investment platform. We endeavor to assiduously select assets based on their relative value and development potential across economic cycles. We seek to consistently engage with sector experts and corporate leaders to create value within our investments.

Our business is tailored to client needs
We actively listen to understand their needs. We aspire to build trusted, long-term relationships and provide tailored portfolio solutions.

Our people are essential to our business
We endeavor to attract talented and committed individuals who perform at their true potential to create a rewarding culture throughout our firm.

Our Purpose

We aspire to deliver our clients high-stature investment performance by attaining the potential of private markets via our integrated platform.

Inspire the confidence and loyalty of our investors
Our investment results will seek to enhance the welfare of our clients, who ultimately are individual and institutional beneficiaries around the globe. “We prioritize our clients’ interests”

Be responsible and respected members of the global community
We strive to manage our assets with long-term perspective to the benefit of individuals and societies worldwide. “We devote ourselves responsibly”

Attract, develop and retain highly talented professionals
We embolden and empower each other. Adventum Global is a place of personal growth. We work diligently to deliver phenomenal results. “We are passionate for what we do”

Our Values

Our attitude, behavior and actions make Adventum Global a special place and drive our long-term success.

We conduct ourselves with integrity in everything we do. Our reputation – as individuals and as a firm – is paramount. As a learning organization, we are self-critical – acknowledging our mistakes and trying always to learn from them.

People do business with people they like and trust. As a relationship-driven firm, we are deeply committed to building and sustaining long-term internal and external partnerships, grounded in trust and transparency. We seek continually to understand and align the interests of all stakeholders, and we treat everyone with fairness, compassion, and respect.

We are curious and enthusiastic, putting our hearts and minds into what we do. We are fully committed to our clients and their beneficiaries. We are proud of our colleagues, accomplishments and partners in business.