Investment Philosophy

Relative Value Investing

What are today’s most attractive opportunities and are they sustainable?

Our research & strategy team seeks to explore the dynamic market conditions coupled with transformative trends which can significantly alter the attractiveness of different sectors and industries. These have a direct influence on the property types that are in vogue across geographies at varied time periods.

We aim to leverage capabilities by enabling transactions across various investment lifecycles via investing in globally renowned real estate fund managers, co-investing in strategically located properties with growth potential or by directly owning discretionary real estate properties.

Global Accessibility

Opportunity to own world class real estate

Our portfolio & asset management team seeks to establish a network of fund managers, industry experts and private markets specialists across the globe to give us access to myriad of investment opportunities.

Real estate markets have cycles across geographies & property types. Adventum Global by diversifying through leading funds and diverse real estate properties across the globe, endeavors to provide investors higher risk adjusted returns.

Portfolio Management

How do we build high-performing private market portfolios?

Being a global private markets investment manager requires in-depth understanding of private markets. While our investment committee is bound in making investment recommendations and the decisions, our portfolio & asset management team is responsible for construction and adjustment our diversified private markets portfolios over various investment horizon so they meet investors’ portfolio requirements along with generation of attractive returns.

The parameters for constructing private markets portfolios include:

  • Portfolio strategy: To build portfolios tailored to specific target returns of clients we strive to combine complementary private markets investment strategies. Our proposition to portfolio construction allows clients to benefit from market corrections and also provides diversification.
  • Portfolio implementation: We endeavor to invest by following a rigorous relative value approach and look for opportunities from across the investment spectrum.
  • Liquidity management: We aim to manage liquidity in private markets portfolios through different mechanisms (distributions, partial redemptions)and to effectively manage our clients’ differing liquidity needs.